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Each flute is accuratly tuned with piano A 440 Hz scale. Each flute is tuned separetly. A lot of time is needed for each flute, to obtain professional quality flutes.

Important: Flutes may be tuned on requirements. If someone want's a flute tuned on A 441 Hz, A 442 Hz, ... so on, then he should ask for it without hesitation. It is the same price!

Also, the flutes are available for right handed flute players as well as left handed flute players. Please specify you desire if you need a left handed flute.

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Our flute models are :

  1. BulletNorth India Classical Music: Harmonic tunation as Indian Scale

  2. BulletKarnatak Music: Harmonic tunation as Indian Scale with two holes closed Sa.

  3. BulletWestern Music : Tempered scale

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